I’d like to shank you. #NoHomo

As in no homicide. 

I love the random conversations I end up having with my brother. He came to visit me because… 

SURPRISE! I’m in a mental hospital. I’m not allowed my charging cables so I had to keep this brief, my phone is nearly dead. I’m not allowed cables incase I hurt myself with them (I’m not sure how but I decided it was best not to ask.) 

I’m in hospital for depression and BPD. It’s just giving me space to sort my head out. Anyways, my brother came to visit me and joked that it’s not suicide they have to watch me for…

“Shank shank… No homo”  

I believe this is a much better use for the phrase “no homo” cos no one wants a homocide. 

I’ve only been here a day but the group sessions seem good. I’m cautiously optimistic. I’m lucky enough to be in a very nice hospital. 

On a final random note: I’m busy watching American Horror story: Asylum in my room… which is a bizarre feeling… Cos you know… Of where I am. 

Does anyone else have first day stories of being an in-patient at a mental hospital they wanna share? 

also my brother brought me chocolate cos I was craving choc like crazy. Brother award goes to him! 

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